Final Post Gone Girl “All the lies”

I very much like to take notes like I am the character, I like to think in the way that puts me into the characters shoes. Like if someone had been killed or in this case someone has been kidnapped, I like to at first emphasize with the character, and then scrutinize them if they have been proven that they might have something to do with the crime. This book there was only one part where I thought that he was lying and that was when he had sex with that student of his, and I thought “How could you do that to your wife?”, then “If you are still wish your wife was with you why would have sex with a teenager?” finally “Then you must have done it.” I also post some comments as though I am the narrator in the sense that I sort of guess what happens next.

My theory was that Nick made all the bad choices even though he was an innocent man, in the pages I read I thought “Wow why does he keep making stupid mistakes?” Like in the third chapter he keeps telling the police lies, around 11 of them and no innocent man would do that unless he is concealing something. He then told his own sister the only person that trusts him, a lie by not telling her about the other person he is sleeping with. He also smiled next to the mugshot of her which is something no sane man who is worried about his “gone girl” would do. People started to get suspicious and tried to exploit him an suggest that he was the one who killed Amy. They thought like this because Amy was the cute, harmless girl and Nick is the rough unloving husband who was sick of Amy.

(After seeing how Nick cheated on his wife) “You f*****g idiot…!”

This supports my claim because it shows that he made a mistake and someone caught him doing it. If you are going to cheat you can’t get caught and in that case Nick shouldn’t cheat because every time he cheats he gets caught. His sister sees that he has been cheating for a while and what that puts into her brain that the reason she is gone is because Nick got sick of her but he wanted the money and the young “tighter” girl. So the last person who trusted him at wavering doubts about his story.

“You know, we have a pretty serious homeless problem in our neighborhood. You maybe could should check that out.”

This looks like he is drawing the detectives away from him and trying to blame the thing that happened to his wife on the homeless. This makes the police suspicious of him, he also in a way is lying to the police by trying to draw attention to another minority.

I would rate this book a 6 because the book was too slow. It took way too long to get into the meat of the book, and it was boring at the beginning.

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