The Man Stuck on Mars: The martian Blog post on Discussion and Video

I our discussion we talked about three main things which are main character traits, moods, and themes of the book. One main character trait that we thought of was the fact that when something went wrong he always managed to get back up from being pushed down. Like all the times he has pushed through adversity and ended up in a better place. When the HAB blew he had to figure how to survive, or the fact that he has to figure out how to eat each day. The fact that he can do that as Robbie said, “Is very inspiring” and I believe that too. One of the moods of the book was was hope, he is sort of hopeful but he doesn’t always act like he is. He wants to get back home and he doing all he can to try to get home so that shows that he is hopeful in his and NASA’s ability to get him back home. That is a very big underlying tone in the book that many people look over. One of the themes in the book was human nature which was human error, and the will to survive. He makes many mistakes which he has to survive through. The mistakes were like breathing pure nitrogen, and blowing up the HAB. But he always wants to survive which is the huge factor.

I think that I was a very good leader in the conversation I liked to get people involved and kept us on task. By doing both of these things we were able to have a very good and productive conversation about the book. What I mean about being a leader of the group I mean that I introduced us and the conversation revolved around me. Not being selfish but I felt like I had to because we were getting off track a lot of the time. And what I mean by I get people involved is when I felt like people weren’t doing enough I would ask them personally questions that I thought they could answer in a in depth and personal way. I think that next conversation though I am going to let someone else be a leader, what I mean about this is give them responsibilities I held today.

I think that what we as a group has to do better is not getting off topic and not having only one person talk for a long time. We should be always talking about the book so there is no excuse for talking about something that doesn’t have to do with the book. So one we can remind ourself is by maybe writing down a note that says “Don’t talk” or something like that. If we have a lot of people talking (organized) we look a lot better on camera and like we really know what we are talking about.

Well like I said I did well in leading the group which really wasn’t that hard because we most of the time stayed on task and said very good answers. I also did a good job in contributing into the conversation, with good answers and good questions. I think what I can do better next time is keeping all the people in our group on task.

SBC #3 Image of the apex predator Xander Kropp


The most terrifying creature
One of its most noticeable features are their fangs of teeth
It will come from underneath you and bite your side
As you lay in the water the tide dragging you out
As you lay in the water you doubt your chance at survival
The one rival you have is the apex of nature
Before you went in the water you thought there was no danger
But you were wrong, and the razors dig into your skin
As your chin dips under the water you realize you have been slaughtered.